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Solutions We Offer

User Centered Design to provide the highest level of User Experience

Web Design/Development

Site Development/Design

Mobile Development

Android/iPhone Development

UX Design

User Experience Consulting

Local Business Design

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Who We Are

Akoben Media LLC is located in a small town with big values. A vibrant cultural and diverse place in the Universe. These same values and relationships are the very essence of Akoben Media LLC. Ilyaas Harris - Owner/Developer raised in Yellow Springs Ohio, has a background in front-end Web development, as well as Mobile UX design.

Our Process


To build the right product for both the stakeholder and user requires user research as well as discovering the business requirements


Collect the requirements through interviews and surveys to develop quality personas


We develop wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes; these tools provide a smooth transition to the designers and developers

Usability Testing

User testing is a key component in the design process, allowing stakeholders insight into iterative process


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